Another great review!

Written By Heather - June 7, 2014

He wanted the storm, the merging with the howl and the fury, to become a part of it. Flipped and spun and thrown through, one speck in a blizzard, pure and beautiful, nerves on fire with tension and pain, and the pleasure. It was intoxicating.

An intensely intelligent and intimate story, Cuts Both Ways looks at a future filled with casters, those mechanically augmented to pick up on the electromagnetic brain waves of the human population. The main protagonist, Spencer, is the vehicle in which we are forced to consider the drawbacks of those things we often say we want in passing. “Wouldn’t it be great to never forget anything?” –actually, no, as Spencer shows us, with his heart-breaking narrative. A definite must-read. (link)

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  1. Joyce Plunkett says:

    That story sounds like a definite “must read” for me, too. Congrats on the great reviews – and thanks for posting them!

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