Post Hugo Monday.

Written By Heather - August 18, 2014

Just four weeks to go until the first of two autumn Banff Centre residencies. I’m so ready for it. I haven’t had time off since February (well, a day in July, but still…) and I admit that I’m looking at the calendar and counting down. Four more Mondays left until my writing holiday. Yes. I’m ready.


Some delightful news this weekend, too – Lightspeed Magazine won a Hugo award! I watched the live broadcast of the awards show, and I cheered when the acceptance speech mentioned the Women Destroy Science Fiction project. It’s a well deserved award; I am so pleased for them. And more than a little delighted to share in the Women Destroy Science Fiction shoutout — because, you know. I wrote for that. I’m a part of that.

There were a number of great acceptance speeches — really, they were all awesome, and inspiring. So many strong voices speaking to the changes happening in science fiction, the work of inclusion and expansion, the shared desire to create new stories and art. I’m so proud to be able to say that I’m a part of that. There’s still work to be done, but it’s being done.

Meanwhile? The weekend was spent reading (I’m more than halfway through Wendy N. Wagner’s Skinwalkers) and working on revisions for a story. To my horror, the short story has suddenly approached novelette length. This week, I think, will be spent pruning it back. There’s always that work to be done, too.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Assuming the Chromebook’s going with you on the Banff residency? (And do you still use the regular laptop for anything?)

  2. unrealfred says:

    Only one day off since February? Oh, you need a trip to Banff even more than me!

    I didn’t watch the Hugo award show, but it was nice to see so many deserving people win. (And, y’know, that one non-deserving person not.) I have every reason to believe that your own name will appear on the ballot before too long.

    And: Is novelette length such a bad thing?

  3. beentsy says:

    September is going to be the best month of the year. No question! I only wish I could sneak out to Calgary and meet up with you, Fred, and Jocelyn.

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