Is this thing on?

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Have we come back to blogging now? Some of us are…and I think I am one. In the last two years, I had a major job change, began learning Chinese (我学习中文,说一点儿。。。但是我的中文不好!), took up running, continued reading submissions for Uncanny Magazine, ran a marathon (I still can’t quite believe that) and did many other things. And sometimes not so many things.

I wrote much less. I had less to say, I think, because I was taking time to instead listen. In at the end of last year, I was so very fortunate to attend a writing residency at the Arrowmont School for Arts and Crafts in rural Tennessee. Among the friendship and fellowship of writers, artists, potters, sculptors, woodworkers, and the Smokey mountains, I found my words waiting for me.

So now I write again. Just a little at a time. But a little is a lot more than not.

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