Term paper progresses.

Written By Heather - April 9, 2012

Term paper progress.

The term paper is progressing. A little slower than I expected – the start of it is a bit rocky, and it will need quite a lot of work. But I think I suddenly hit my stride after wading through post-colonial theory and a discussion of the binary ‘us/them’ that is set up by colonial discourse…it almost seems that the binary is necessary to begin to set up a view of landscape as an embodied thing rather than an object to be gazed at…in the exploration narrative, that is.

I feel better about that – I was worried about trying to address the colonial discourse and the post-colonial critique, but I think I’ve managed to resolve it. More or less. And with that hard section done, I think the rest will fall neatly into place. That’s the plan, at least…whether it actually turns out that way remains to be seen!

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