Written By Heather - December 11, 2012

Mom and dad continue to slowly improve. There’s not as much calling back and forth with the insurance company required this week, either, which is good for them.

Snowy Sunday.

It’s been such a strange week and a bit. I think the stress of it all has been catching up to me: I’m suddenly more tired than I should be, and haven’t been up for much reading in the evenings. I’m not alarmed or upset by that – just observing it as I have been all of the goings on. I’d had a plan to knit mittens for coworkers for Christmas, but that’s fallen apart (truthfully, it would have fallen apart sooner, as I’d started far too late for it to realistically work). I’ll finish knitting the two pair that I’ve got done so far, knit a hat and scarf, and probably wear it myself.

I’ve also gone back to the walking routine this week. So that’s creating the tiredness, too. But I’m still enjoying it, which is the main thing (although thinking about how much nicer it will be to travel up that hill in the spring and summer).

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