Getting the degree framed.

Written By Heather - December 14, 2012

I took the day off – next week is bound to be a busy one, and there will be a lot to do before the office closes for the week. The plan was to set up the tree and decorate it, with mom and dad supervising from the couch (they are still recovering from the accident). It was nice to sleep in. And the degree arrived in the mail!

So I ducked out quickly to hand it in to the framing store.

Choosing a frame.

I went with the fanciest-schmanciest frame I could find. Nothing sedate or plain for this degree.

Choosing a frame.

It’s a little over the top, but I think it will be lovely.

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  1. kmkat says:

    It’s your degree, you earned it all by yourself, and you can frame it in smashed Budweiser cans if you want. (Although I think you made a better choice than the Bud cans…)

  2. Liz Adams says:

    Well, after what it took to get the degree, I’d say you definitely are right to push the boat out a bit with the frame! Yes! Also decorate it with a bit of holly for the season..

  3. Anthony says:

    A lot nicer than the frame my college degree is in (an inexpensive frame), though it’s sitting in a box somewhere, so guess doesn’t matter.

    No graduation ceremony, though?

  4. Joyce Plunkett says:

    That frame is not over the top. Getting an MA while working full time? THAT’S over the top!

  5. mom & dad says:

    I love the bottom picture – tells the story of the conversation at the shop. “This one or that…” We can understand why the framer suggested the conservative frame would suit, but it is Heather’s degree, after all, her hard work poured into it, and that’s the piece of the story missing from the picture. Her choice is a balloon popping whistle blowing kick up her heels celebration of a period of her life!

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