Monday morning begins.

Written By Heather - February 18, 2014

Moon peaking out from behind ICT.

Back to work for me. Getting up wasn’t as painful; I kept to a fairly consistent schedule in Banff and was up by 7 or 7:30 most days, so an hour earlier didn’t feel that bad. The cat gave me a forlorn look (or maybe it was an annoyed look?) as I left.

I’ve started reading Anne Whitehead’s Memory. It’s an interesting historical discussion of the cultural views of memory. I’ve made my way through Plato and Aristotle – lots of food for thought in reading about the idea that memory is something inscribed or written upon some aspect of the mind or soul. I’m not entirely sure how this plays into my cyborg story, but I think something of it will.

So begins Monday. Quietly, with coffee and my story laid out in front of me, the work day not yet begun (but with many mants just outside, apparently walling off another section of the building for construction).

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  1. kmkat says:

    Those mants are always busy, aren’t they?

  2. unrealfred says:

    Well hey, that looks like one of our books. :) I don’t know it, though there was a brief moment when I was working a new edition of a memory textbook — more an introduction to the mechanics of it than the cultural views — and it’s definitely an interesting subject.

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