Written By Heather - August 24, 2014

The filling is holding. Thank goodness. It’s still up there, doing its job; everything stopped hurting, and did I mention that it’s still there? It totally is.


I’ve been reading this weekend. My 100 book challenge is in danger — I’ve spent so much time writing this summer that I’ve had less time for reading. Not good! I’m trying to turn the challenge around and get myself back on track, though admittedly, I’m plugging the hole with the Oxford University Press ‘Very Short Introduction’ books. That they’re at least academic and put out by OUP should be a small consolation. I started the weekend thirteen books behind pace; I’ve brought it down to ten.

I did finish reading Wendy N. Wagner’s Skinwalkers earlier in the week, though. It’s one of the Pathfinder Tales put out by Paizo; Wendy’s book features an incredibly strong and complex female lead. It’s also one of the few speculative fiction novels I’ve seen that include a disabled character without leaning on a plotline to ‘fix’ them or portraying a disability as a liability to the hero. It’s a great story — lots of Viking-like references. Many axes. I liked that quite a lot.

Meanwhile, the countdown is on for Banff. I’ll be heading out there so soon…just a few more weeks, and then I’m on vacation and settling into a couple of weeks of writing. Just writing. The last vacation break I had was in February; I am positively itching for some schedule and email-free days.

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  1. unrealfred says:

    Oh, the old “I’ve fallen slightly behind reading a ridiculous number of books this year because I’ve been super-focused on destroying science fiction and being an amazing published writer of things” excuse. ;)

    I’ve struggled with writing more than have written this year, and you’ve still read about twice as many books as me so far. (Of course, these new ones are from one of my company’s direct competitors, but I’ll let that slide.)

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