Weekend wrapup.

Written By Heather Clitheroe - September 1, 2014


A nice long weekend. I’d had plans to do a few hours of work from home but was ultimately stymied by login problems. So no working for me. Sort of a mixed blessing, I suppose.

Saturday was Dungeons and Dragons night. We’ve finally made the switch over to fifth edition,


My fighter now has a sailor background. He’s too uncouth to have ever been training for knighthood or a military order. We decided to repurpose scimitars in the 5E Player’s Manual and make them cutlasses. I like it.

The rest of the weekend was spent reading and doing some writing. I put everything I had into revisions on a story last week, and now I’m chipping slowly away at a short story. When that is done, I’ll be turning back to the novel. It’s been lying fallow since the last big push — what I’m calling the prewriting — and I think I’ve figured out my plot fixes and I have a good idea of where I want to take the story. I’m heading out to the Banff Centre shortly (eee! I can’t wait!) and the residency will be entirely focused on it.

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  1. Anthony says:

    An uncouth sailor/fighter? No chance he’s “strong to the finish” (or if D&D even has a certain leafy green vegetable), is there? ;-)

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