Getting ever closer to the Banff Centre.

Written By Heather - September 3, 2014

How did it get to be September already? The summer roared by, a blur of hot days and windy afternoons, and here we are. Trees turning yellow, cold rain, the first murmurings of frost to be found in heavy morning dew.


The approach of fall means a few more weeks of allergies (there’s still the leaves to contend with) and then the relative peace of the winter.

Just a week and a half to go until I’m up in the mountains, tucked into my writing. I’ve been reading a collection of Iain M. Banks’ short fiction on the bus, working to set the mood. So to speak. There are some astonishingly good stories (‘Descendant’ is devastatingly good; ‘A Gift from the Culture’ is a perfect piece of world and character development). I think I’ll have to make a point of reading his Culture novels at some point — the writing is just too good not to explore.

Meanwhile? Still working on a short story, getting ready to shift gears and go back to the novel. Taking a few weeks off from it has helped…something about needing the time and the space for the ideas and the characters to percolate, I think. It feels like they’re all waiting for me, planning to meet me at the Banff Centre. Soon.

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  1. unrealfred says:

    I started Consider Phlebas, the first Culture novel, several years ago but fell out of it for some reason. (Possibly the length.) I’ve kind of been waiting for it to recede a little in my memory before starting it again.

    And “fall” sounds like a very different animal there: a few quick weeks, if that, between summer and winter. Like here, we might see snow as early as the beginning of October, but I wouldn’t call that, or even November, a winter month. We’re actually in the grips of a small heat wave here at the moment.

    Banff is sounding nicer every day!

  2. kmkat says:

    Speaking of sci-fi, I am thinking of picking a classic, not-too-long sci-fi classic for our book club read in November. It should be (preferably) <300 pages. This group has never read anything from that genre in its 16-year existence (unless you consider Margaret Atwood sci-fi), and I thought it might be fun to introduce them. I am reading The Left Hand of Darkness right now to see if it would be acceptable. Got any other suggestions, O Great Sci-Fi Guru?

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