Things are going really well. I finished the last series of edits on my story, had a last read through, and then submitted it. Fingers hugely crossed. It’s been snowing today, off and on, and the mountains have been shrouded by cloud and snow. It’s quite beautiful and mysterious, and very silent. I went for a walk today and saw a deer in the distance, and stood and marvelled at it. It feels like the experience has really started to click…I’ve forgotten what day it is, went to a performance exhibit where we were all invited to make noise by […]


Well. I had a lovely sleep last night in the hotel, which was unexpected. The night was quite silent and the pillow comfortable, but isn’t it always a shock when you wake up in a hotel room in the morning and realize that you’ve had a good sleep? I went out for a walk in the morning, and happened across another lone tourist trying to take a photo by an ice sculpture, we swapped cameras. It’s the code of single female travellers: when we see one of our number taking a photo, offer to do a picture. I also bought […]

A lovely day at the museum.

Another lovely day in Banff. I’ve been waking up at the crack of dawn…well, quite a bit before it, actually. For some reason, I keep waking up around 3:30 or 3:45 and thinking that it’s time to get up. I’m not sure why. Maybe there are security staff doing rounds then? I go back to sleep, and then I’m up around 7:15ish. Which is fine, because the ginormous breakfast buffet starts at 7:30. Same thing today. I had a very nice breakfast and sat and talked with two other writers. Then back to the studio to sit and work on […]

Wildlife safari.

With the revisions I’d planned to do while I was here done, I opted for a light work day. As in a mostly non working day. As in a ‘I purchased a ticket on the ‘wildlife safari’ tour day.’ I did. I totally did. Discover Banff Tours runs these. The tour bus comes to pick you up, and then you drive around the back roads of Banff for two hours, hoping to spot wildlife. The tour guide also gives you a talk about wildlife management in Banff, the history of Parks Canada, and things like predator control and the wacky […]

Mission accomplished.

Tracy’s gone home, but not before we posed for a picture (this was last night): She also left me a box of crackers and a tub of hummus. She was here to work on her own novel, and managed to finish the first draft just before she left. And the cereal bowl she had to buy…very sadly, it did not fit in her luggage. So I have the bowl now, and with the bowl comes great responsibility. Did I mention that I finished the first round of revisions today? I did. I made it through the first pass of the […]

The Saturday report.

The sun goes down behind Sulphur Mountain just around 2:37 now. It was closer to three a little while ago, but it was something of a surprise to find that I was opening the drapes so soon after lunch. The campus slides into shadow astonishingly fast. A very chilly day today, too. I stayed in my room in my pajamas for the morning (I brought some packets of instant oatmeal with me, and bought a bottle of apple juice when I first arrived). Went and got a sandwich for lunch and brought it back to the room. I had the […]

A nice Friday.

Hard to believe that I’ve been here a week. I had breakfast with Sarah and Mark from the Registrar’s Office at the Banff Centre. They are lovely people, and great fun to share a meal with. There is another writer here from Ireland – Oliver – and he joined us as well. It made for a really nice time! After breakfast? Looked at some revisions, worked through some. But there’s a book I’d been thinking about getting – it’s something I saw at the Whyte Museum gift shop last week, and I had held off getting it (a little pricey […]