Banff has been magical. I’m more than halfway through my residency, and I’ve been chased by deer, started by pine martens, and nervously looking out my window for the grizzly bear the Park Service has warned us about. Bear 148 is wandering around the area, eating people’s jack o’ lanterns and looking for berries. Which is just fine until you realize, as my friends Chris and Sarah say, that there are at least 147 other bears out there. I’m sleeping better than I ever have at a Banff residency, and writing well. I had a meeting with my editor (over […]

Tucked away at the Banff Centre.

I promise that there is, in fact, writing going on. Really. Truly. But also a trip up to the top of Sulphur Mountain. Lunch in town with good company, and then a trip up the gondola where the rain turned to snow. Lots of snow. These tourists were pretty excited about it: And we managed to catch the eclipse, which I was pretty excited about: So the plan for today is more writing. I have a meeting with my editor in the morning on Google Hangouts, some laundry going, and a plan to write like the wind. The novel feels […]

Home again.

Well, I’m home again — back in Calgary. The residency was wonderful. Really great writing accomplished, and a good start on this third draft of a novel. Maybe this draft is the one? I hope so! I came home a day and a half early…something I ate wasn’t really agreeing with me. There was a midnight escapade with a vole in the room that got in from outside (not surprising, really, given that it’s on the side of a mountain in a national park). These things do happen, and I was offered a new room for the night. Fred, bless […]

My Banff Centre residency so far (it’s great!).

It’s been going beautifully. I arrived at the Banff Centre on Monday afternoon. The room was ready for me, so I picked up my ID card and put my suitcase away, and then went down to town to run my pre-writing errands: lunch at McDonalds (I have no explanation why, but it’s now a ritual), a little bit of a wander to stretch my legs, and then to the grocery store to pick up some things for breakfasts. I have another kitchen suite, so I can make myself toast and putter around in the morning without rushing to make the […]

Post Hugo Monday.

Just four weeks to go until the first of two autumn Banff Centre residencies. I’m so ready for it. I haven’t had time off since February (well, a day in July, but still…) and I admit that I’m looking at the calendar and counting down. Four more Mondays left until my writing holiday. Yes. I’m ready. Some delightful news this weekend, too – Lightspeed Magazine won a Hugo award! I watched the live broadcast of the awards show, and I cheered when the acceptance speech mentioned the Women Destroy Science Fiction project. It’s a well deserved award; I am so […]

Monday: writing for me, spitting for science.

The writing is going well. I’m not sure what the wordcount on the novel is right now, but I’m still make good and steady progress on it. And I was able to get a couple of short stories tidied up and sent out on Saturday. The publicity from the Women Destroy Science Fiction story is beginning to wind down, but a few students told me today they’d read the story or were planning to — it brought such a smile to my face. Admittedly, my secret double life is exposed: mild-mannered academic advisor by day, sci-fi writer by early morning, […]

Turns out being mentioned on NPR really makes for a good day.

So how was my day? Oh, you know… Women Are Destroying Science Fiction! (That’s OK; They Created It) by K. TEMPEST BRADFORD The perception that the science fiction that women write isn’t “real” isn’t as pervasive as it was in the 1960s, but it’s just as ridiculous. If you need proof to back up that assertion, all you need do is read this issue of Lightspeed Magazine. It’s more than just an extra-large and particularly great issue of an already good magazine. It’s a master class on all the ways in which women are writing — and have written — […]