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Welcome! My writing is a mix of science fiction and fantasy. SFF is so often plot-driven, but I strive for stories that are as much about the concept as it is about character — the choices made, the sacrifices, the fears and hopes, the joys and losses.

Thank you for reading along with me.


Coaltown, Genius Loci, Ragnarok Publications, June 2016.
Darcy’s Law, Geeky Giving bundle, May 2016.
Wild Things Got to Go Free, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, April 2015.
Culpability, Bartleby Snopes, November 2014.
Disciplinary Action, Strange Constellations, November 2014.
Cuts Both Ways, Lightspeed Magazine: Women Destroy SF, June 2014.
Victoria Howard’s Retirement Party and Other Stories, 2012. Kobo and Amazon.
Gone Sleeping. Beneath Ceaseless Skies #77, 2011 (reprinted, The Best of BCS, Year Three, 2012).
Forest-Bathing. Evolve 2, anthology, 2011.
Bacillus anthracis. Trachodon Magazine, 2011.
An Open Letter to Our Valued Clients. Awkward Two, 2010.
I Bet I Can Find a Million People Who Hate Slab Cakes. Hobart, 2010.
The Dark. Pig in a Poke, 2010.
Victoria Howard’s Retirement Card. Awkward Press, 2010.
Come to Me. Evolve anthology, 2010.
The Trying Times of Herman Sligo. The First Line, Spring 2009.
Replicate Fade. Kaleidotrope, Spring 2009.
Two Left Hands. The First Line, Summer 2007.
Seventeen. Ripe Magazine, Fall 2005.


Cuts Both Ways, Lightspeed, June 2014.
Gone Sleeping, Beneath Ceaseless Skies #78, 2011.

Adapting to Adaptations. Cyborgology, July 2012.
Notes on a Situation. Bookslut, May 2011.
How I Learned to Get Fresh to Death. Bookslut, March 2011.
Paper Tiger: Amy Chua’s ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.’ Bookslut, February 2011.
Adam Fucking Carolla Vs. ‘the Pussification of America.’ Bookslut, January 2011 (Reprinted, The Printed Blog, Vol. 4, 2011)
What’s a Canooter To Do?: Jenny McCarthy’s ‘Love, Lust & Faking It.’ Bookslut, December 2010.
The Banff Centre Loves You. Black Heart, September 2010.
Tips for Self-Directed Writer Retreats. WestWord Magazine, Jan/Feb 2008.
The Sociopath Next Door. Bookslut, March 2005.
Only a Little Bit of Navel-Gazing. Bookslut, January 2005.
Writer, Help Thyself. Bookslut, December 2004.
Streaming Media Flows Into the Future. Fast Forward Weekly, Aug 31-Sept 06, 2000.
Forgotten Genius: Zip Creator’s Life and Death a Tale of Tragedy. Fast Forward Weekly, Jun 15-21, 2000.
E-Book is the Latest in Digital Chic. Fast Forward Weekly, Apr 27-May 03, 2000.
Exploring the Suburbs of the Internet: Popularity of Virtual Communities is Reviving the Lost Art of Conversation. Fast Forward Weekly, Feb 17-23, 2000.
Computers Replace Ivy as Campuses Go To Virtual Reality. GreatWest Newspaper Group. Education Supplement, 2000.
Hung Up On Cells: Portable Communication Comes With a Price. Fast Forward Weekly, Dec 16-22, 1999.
A Modest Proposal to Instructors. The Teaching Professor, November 1999.
The Next Big Thing…Until Next Year. Fast Forward Weekly, Nov 4-10, 1999.
Learning In a Laptop Mecca. Fast Forward Weekly, Sep 09-15, 1999.

“Academic Accreditation and the Postmodern Condition: A Critical Analysis of Practices in Postsecondary Education.” Journal of Integrated Studies 1, no. 1 (2010)

“Towards a Postmodern Poetics of Graphic Novels.” Transformations in Popular Culture – High Art Continuum panel. Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities: Transformations/Adaptations, University of West Georgia, 12 Nov. 2011.

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